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Once upon a lifetime ago…

January 23, 2013 by Audrey

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1989I’m not on that picture, no use trying to find me… Although, that’s what we looked like, back in 1989, in South of France. If my memory is correct, it was my birthday. I was turning 15 (go ahead, calculate…)

I’m not suddenly nostalgic of my teenage years. I don’t think I’ll ever be. It was fun, but I liked my adult years much better. While opening more boxes that came from my grandmother’s attic, I just happened to find my first diary. And that brought me WAY back!

Here’s some to make you laugh a little…


I start the diary with a warning-preface “If you keep on reading, you’re going to access my private life”… What sort of private life did I have at 11?

I liked Etienne Daho… I don’t remember liking Etienne Daho. I had good taste.

My dad was driving a Peugeot 205 GTI, and I thought it was the coolest thing.

I went horse-back riding for the first time and felt like I just lived my life-long dream. Thankfully, I had many life-long dreams to live after that…

August 1987:

My best friend is Vanessa (we got into a huge fight later on and we took way different paths). We sneak out of the house after the parents are asleep to walk down to the beach and hang out with the boys. I’m in love with a dude named “Jarno” (what sort of name is that?) and I think I will never love anyone else. Little did I know…

I spent pages writing our names together, what a waste of paper… Moving on…

July 1989:

I think I’m going to get married to a guy named “Eric”. I think I vaguely remember him, he was one of my guy-friend’s older brother. I feel like our relationship evolved on the “stare” level (nope, seriously, that’s what I wrote…) Now I caught him looking at me about 20 times…

Now this is too good for just one post… We need a little cliffhanger before going into the 90ies… Next week on OhLittleAudreySays: Will Eric & I ever pass the “starring” level in our relationship? We’ll we get married and happily ever after?

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