“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” ~ Mark Twain Oh but it does. For the past five or six years I have been struggling with a disorder that the media call “being a cougar”. I hate that word “cougar”. It sounds like I am preying on poor little lambs, but, believe… Read more →

Once upon a time in Patagonia

Today is Christmas Day. I just spent the one third of it, sitting at a dinner table. Drinking half a bottle of champagne by myself, trying to not to engage in the multiple arguments going around: my sister yelling at her kids, my mom yelling at my sister, my brother-in-law yelling at my mom, the kids yelling at each other… Yes,… Read more →

Come to the cabaret!

You might remember that story: back in 2011, in Philadelphia, Kate introduces me to the Artist Way and I spend one of my “creative date” pushing myself into a singing lesson. It was horrible at first but I happened to fall in love with singing. Four years later, I’m still very bad… but I still love it. I, now, sing twice a… Read more →

Life according to Steve

2005 – Steve Jobs addresses the graduating students of Stanford University with a speech that will become legendary. 2015 – Ten years later, I’m showing this speech to my students as we’re talking about what it is to become an entrepreneur. Because I had three groups in this class, I played the video three times. Every time felt every bit as… Read more →

He had a dream

Once upon a time, in land not far away from Lyon, there was a man with a dream. It was the beginning of 20th century and he was just a simple mailman, walking about 43 km every day to deliver letters, packages and other postcards in the homes surrounding the village. But that man, Ferdinand, had a dream. He wanted to… Read more →

Take me to church

Oh Italy… You have really stolen my heart. Your food. Your sun rising on the Amalfi Coast. Your Aperol Spritz. Your food. Your smiles on everyone’s face. Your churches. Your food. Wait, the churches are what I was planning on talking about today… I’ll keep food for another post. Even though, as you can witness, it’s highly on my mind.… Read more →